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All goods we trade are according EU regulations.  All our  goods  are based on our product specification sheets which are available upon request.

Should you have specific requirements regarding quality please contact us.

We Are Certified:

Bio Registered NL-BIO-01 Skal no.109190   

IFS broker Certificate – register number: IFS-60317383.

Registration for birdfeed trading  as per Regulation (EC) 183/2005, art. 9 : 219645.

Registration for food hygiene as per Regulation (EC) 852/2004 : 28076370.

Member of the Dutch Groundnut Association.

All our contracts are based on :

For shipments from South America Fosfa 34 – Click here to read FOSFA 34 rules.

For shipments from Argentina  Fosfa 39 – Click here to read FOSFA  39 rules.

Click here to read our IFS broker Certificate 

For FCA or Free Delivered  NOFOTA 20 – Click here to read NOFOTA 20  rules.

Click here to read our statement about Corporate Social Responsability 

Click here for our General Sales Conditions as deposited with Chamber of Commerce Hilversum under no. 28076370